Goals of Polsat Group achieved in 2015:

  • growth of the number of contract RGUs implying the growth of ARPU per contract customer,
  • growth of viewership results of Polsat channels and dynamic growth of advertising revenue,
  • maintaining high margins, debt reduction, and improved FCF level,
  • Achievement of operating and revenue synergies:
    • revenue synergies – 1.1 million services additionally sold in the smartDOM program with ARPU per customer of approx. PLN 30,
    • cost synergies - 69 launched initiatives with the total estimated effect of PLN 850 million in the years 2014-2019,
    • financial synergies – total interest savings exceeding PLN 2 billion in the years 2014-2019. 

Plans and goals achieved in 2015 contribute to the execution of the main elements of the Group’s operating strategy, including:

  • the growth of revenues from services provided to individual and business customers through the consistent building of the customer base value, thanks to maximizing the number of users, as well as the number of services offered to a single customer, with the simultaneous increase of ARPU per customer, and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction,
  • the growth of revenues from produced and purchased programming content through its broad distribution, maintaining the viewership results of the broadcast channels and improving the audience profile,
  • effective management of the cost base through the implementation of synergies and economies of scale within an integrated media and telecommunication group,
  • effective management of the Group’s finances, including its capital resources. 

Through the execution of the main elements of our operating strategy, we intend to achieve the ultimate goal, which is a permanent growth of Cyfrowy Polsat’s value for its Shareholders.